Jan Kok

You have not really been to Curaçao if you have not seen flamingos. The chance that you will just come across flamingos somewhere is almost impossible, but not here.

The best way to spot these fantastic pink birds is next to the Mansion Jan Kok. If you drive from Willemstad to Willibrordus, you can view a group of flamingos along the road near the former Mansion Jan Kok. Park the car and enjoy form a suitable distance these beautiful pink birds. These beautiful pink Flamingos breed on Bonaire but come to Curaçao in search of food.

The salt pans of Jan Kock are no longer used to extract salt. The flamingos use curacao therefore to undisturbed search for food here. You can spot a Flamingo at any time of the day but in the early morning before 7:30 am you have the best chance to photograph groups of Flamingos.

The Jan Kock country house is nowadays the home of artist Nena Sanchez, a visit to the studio is possibly.