de Handelskade

The Handelskade of Willemstad also known for our beautiful Pontjesbrug, is located on St. Anna Bay and has an Old Dutch appearance. In addition to this appearance you can also found a Portuguese and Spanish styles. The quay is 200 meters long and stretches from the Queen Emma bridge to the entrance of Het Waaigat. The Handeslkade is located in the center of Curaçao or as we say here, Punda the old center.

Wherever you come across photos of Curaçao, you often see De Handelskade first and then our beautiful beaches. The best view from the quay is in Otrobanda, this is on the other side of the St. Anna Bay where you can easily get through the Queen Emma bridge.

Nowadays, the quay has become a tourist attraction. Hospitality, shops and businesses are located in the buildings. If you are staying in Curacao you must have been here to have a look.